Be a Better PechaKucha Night Presenter

Paul Baron offers up some great tips on what potential presenters should keep in mind before they grab the mic and show their 20 slides at PechaKucha Night. He should know, he’s done it 3 times — for Tokyo Art Beat, Divvy/Dual#1, and AQ — and has attended countless times.

I presented myself last year with Jesper — you can watch all the slides here, which you should do as a slideshow to get the full effect — and think that the most important thing I did to prepare was to practice describing the images with a countdown of 20, to get a feel for how much info I could share in that amount of time.

The great photo you see above — what every participant must face as they give their presentation — is by Jan Chipchase.

Update (16/11/06): The image is no longer available.