JEANSNOW.NET Top 10 for August 2007

This is a new series that I’ve been thinking about starting, in which every month I’ll do a post with my 10 favorite things that were probably covered on the site (but not necessarily). It’s a way for me to keep track of the things I really like, and to bring attention to some things […]

This Week in Magazines

In this month’s issue of TITLE (92), it’s “Go! Go! Title Railway,” with a VIA Railway train — that’s Canada’s national railway — on the cover. They go over a few national railways inside, as well as some famous trains, routes, and, well, pretty much everything that relates to train travel. I really liked the […]

Higashi-Ikebukuro Pocket Parks Again on NHK

I’m told that the “My Private Tokyo” segment I did a few months back for TOKYO EYE on Higashi-Ikebukuro pocket parks will run again along with some other segments covering disaster prevention (September 1 is disaster prevention day in Japan). It will air September 12 on NHK WORLD, and September 19 here in Japan on […]

PingMag: Gaffer Tape Typography

PingMag has a great look (the direct link doesn’t seem to work, so just go to the front page) at the use of gaffer tape on construction projects, creating rather attractive lettering. They interview Hikaru Yamashita of TrioFour, who made that video I linked to a while back about the tape-made signs in Shinjuku. You […]

Hello, Please!

If there’s a reason Japanese snack package design tends to be so popular with tourists, it’s probably because of the cute and colorful characters that are often prominently featured all over. This country’s love for cute mascots extends to pretty much everything that surrounds you, and that includes all manner of signs and instructions. Don’t […]

Happening in Tokyo

“The Salon,” happening tomorrow night (August 31) at Museum Cafe MADO LOUNGE (Mori Tower 52F) and involving OK FREDDERs Audrey and Yoshi, hopes to bring some retro (20s) party action to the venue. Suggested dress code: “ladies bring your pearls, hills, feather and lipstick, gentlemen, hats, ties, or feather if you prefer…” It starts at […]