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PauseTalk Vol. 14

October’s PauseTalk (Vol. 14) saw a return to the group sizes that preceded the smaller summer editions. Most of the time was spent with presentations this month, which saw Carsten Schneider, Jane Stockdale, and Thomas Antonietti share some of their recent work, and then David Marx, Keiji Ashizawa, and Max Hodges talking about new projects. The next edition will be held November 5, and will be part of the Swedish Style event we’re producing at the cafe — things will be run as usual, but expect a strong Swedish flavor to the proceedings.

Alin Huma (Photographer)
Antonin Gaultier(Musician/Label Producer)
Carsten Schneider (Web Designer)
Chris Kirby (Industrial Designer)
Christophe Sautot (Web Designer)
David Marx (Writer)
Jane Stockdale (Photographer)
Jean Snow (Writer)
Jose Luis Olivares (Illustrator)
Keiji Ashizawa (Architect)
Lauren Cerand (Creative Consultant)
Max Hodges (Publisher)
Min Jin Lee (Writer)
Thomas Antonietti (Designer)
Tim Rudder (Animator)
Warren Holder (Illustrator)