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Bape Nintendo DS Sells Big

Remember that Bape-branded Nintendo DS that was announced a few weeks back? Seems like the brand finally has something “hot” (I refer here to the fact that their Tokyo stores are always empty — I do realize that the brand is quite popular outside of Japan these days). As Kotaku reports:

Label conscious Nintendo fans will want to perk up their ears and check their credit card balances, as the Baby Milo by A Bathing Ape limited edition Nintendo DS has been released. It retails for 16800 yen (now about $167), but we wish you great luck in securing one at that price. The newly revamped (and finally usable) Bape web site lists the item at its standard price, but Bape reseller Boboshop is selling the white version for an impressive 44940 yen. That translates to about $447 US if you’re considering it.