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PauseTalk Vol. 21

We had a smaller group at this month’s edition of PauseTalk (Vol. 21), but it still made for a pleasant gathering. Talk revolved around a few specific projects this time, and thanks to James for his harrowing account of his work on a reality series currently being shot in Tokyo. The next edition will be held June 2. Below is the list of participants, although I am missing at least two names (I often get caught up in conversation once we’re done, and forget to get everyone’s details).

Chris Kirby (Designer)
Didier Kerloch (Art Curator)
Eri Kato (PR Manager)
James Okubo (Filmmaker)
Jean Snow (Writer)
Joe Keenan (Graphic Designer)
Max Hodges (Publisher)
Robin (Mixed-Media Artist)
Ronnie Kattan (Online Retail)
Thomas Antonietti (Designer)
Tomohiro Morie (Branding)