Mixed Media Art Project


At the last PauseTalk (Vol. 21), artist Robin Anthony Coe talked about the mixed media art projects he’s worked on, and that he’s currently preparing a fourth one, and would love to get some new collaborators. A few words from Robin:

What is the next project?

A mixed media art work combining word, image and sound. This is our starting point. We have created a flexible framework and made some decisions about the possible content. It is an art film performance piece rather than an installation. Mediums that will fit into this art project collaboration include; written word, spoken word, photography, music, video, drawing, painting, collage, dance. At present we are writing and taking photographs, but will expand the artistic mediums of the project as the work progresses. There are two of us working on this project at the moment, but we would like to find some more collaborators. We are looking for Tokyo based creative types to join us. We have a loose theme and direction but expect it to evolve depending on who is involved.

We envisage a low key word of mouth weekend one off art event in a central Tokyo location to show the finished work. The audience being made up of friends and acquaintances of the participating artists. The important thing is to make and show the work. We don’t expect to make money, have press coverage or become famous. We do expect to learn, have fun, and create an artwork that stretches our artistic skills, and engages the audience.

We are working on the project in our spare time now and expect to for the next couple of months. We hope to show the finished work in a few months. All artists need a deadline.

I myself am an ex art student preschool teacher and my friend and collaborator is an animator and photographer.

Please contact me if you are interested in either joining the event as an art collaborator or an audience member.

He is planning a meeting at Respekt Cafe in Shibuya on June 15. I think he’ll probably be at the next PauseTalk as well, taking place June 2 (next week).