The Party That Was

A big thanks to everyone who made it out to tonight’s launch party — and to Cheapyd for the lovely Chimay — it was indeed a blast! We pretty much sold every copy of the book we had for sale, and it was great to see so many people excited about it. As always, being the host and blabber mouth that I am, I didn’t get a chance to take any photos at all, so if anyone has shots they’d like to share please let me know.

Back in TYO to Party Like an Arcade Maniac


And I’m back! After a 9-day journey that had me deep in Mao-era communist glory, I have to say it’s good to be back home. And of course, just in time for tomorrow night’s launch party for Arcade Mania at Cafe Pause. I’m really looking forward to having a good time, seeing lots of people, and yes, drinking lots of booze. It was a year-long process to get this book out, and it feels pretty damn good to have it on shelves, and to have people say such nice things about it.

Also, for those of you who would like to get your hands on the book now before it’s worldwide launch in January, but find Amazon Japan’s interface to be a bit intimidating, you can now order it directly from White Rabbit Press. The book will also be on sale at tomorrow night’s bash.

Where is On Design?

No, my monthly design column for The Japan Times has not disappeared. Last month’s “On Design” was just a shorter version because of space issues with other content on the Lifestyle page, and this month’s column appears next week instead of the usual 4th Tuesday because of this week’s holiday.

Also, this week’s Tokyo post for MoCo Loco will be up later today.

Foreign Magazines Disappear from Japan


I’ve noticed recently that a lot of foreign magazines were not getting newer issues in a few bookstores, and now I know why (via Japan Probe). Because of the recent bankruptcy of distributor Yohan, no more magazines — they controlled about 95% of the market. So when I was trying to pick up the latest issue of Monocle recently, I could only find the issue that come out in June, now discounted. According to the Japan Times article, other distributors are picking up the slack, but looks like it will still take time.