From Tokyo to Beijing and Beyond

One quick last post before I leave for my trip to China. I’ll be away until the 26th, back just in time for the book launch party. Expect things to be quiet here until then, although I may occasionally update if I’m feeling like it — it looks like we’ll have net access, but I’m […]

Arcade Mania Website

The deluge of Arcade Mania news continues, this time to announce that the official book website is now up. Big thanks to Andrew Lee — the book’s art director — for his work on the site. Go on, and don’t forget to try and get one of those crane game prizes!

Arcade Mania Launch Party

Before I leave for China (I take off tomorrow), I want to make sure to get the word out about the launch party we’ll be having for Arcade Mania. It takes place Saturday, September 27 (19:00-23:00) at Cafe Pause in Ikebukuro. No free drinks unfortunately, but they will be cheap, and we’ll have lots of […]

Arcade Mania in the Wild

Well look at this, copies of Arcade Mania at Kinokuniya in Umeda, Osaka. The photo was taken by Brian, who spotted. No book sightings for me yet, although admittedly I’ve only checked the Junkudo store in Ikebukuro. Also, below, Robert from Sweden imported the book from Amazon Japan and displays it proudly!

Wallpaper City Guide: Kyoto

Just the other day I was posting about a new Tokyo guide from Louis Vuitton, something I haven’t seen for myself, but one guide I have seen is one of the latest releases from Wallpaper‘s “City Guide” series, covering the city of Kyoto. I picked up the Tokyo edition when the series was first launched, […]


I’m a bit late on this, but wanted to point out ex-Graniph art director Melanie’s new project, “international PR & illustration showcase” Cabaret. The first project is the “100 Post Cards” exhibition at cafe Sunshine Studio in Harajuku. It runs until September 30.