Here Is Jean Snow

Well, it’s finally happened, my first piece of recognition back home. The current issue of my hometown’s weekly free paper Here has put me on the cover for a story about my life in Tokyo, and my involvement in Arcade Mania. Thanks to my friends Marc for the scan of the cover (he also took […]


I don’t tend to go to networking events — I actually never do — but last Friday I dragged CheapyD with me to Danny Choo and Andrew Shuttleworth‘s CGM 2 event in Aoyama, and ended up having a pretty good time. The event was held at a promotional cafe for Fiat, and business was of […]

Riverside House

I haven’t checked in on Keiji‘s work in a while, but he remains busy, and one of his latest projects is the beautiful Riverside House in Chiba, pictured above. Plenty more photos — courtesy of architectural photography master Daici Ano — can be found here.

Peace Sweater

The Peace Sweater features a pattern that fuses seven different languages, featuring typography by Stefan Sagmeister, Alexander Gelman, Oded Ezer, Behrouz Hairiri, Ahn Song-Soo, Da Wang, and Dai Nippon Type Organization. The sweatshirt itself is designed by Erika Ohashi and Ian Lynam. When it goes on sale this spring, it will be limited to 1,000 […]

Pause Original Blend Tea

This month marks the fifth anniversary of Cafe Pause, and one of the things we did to help mark the occasion was to create an original tea blend for the cafe — well, two actually, one is regular tea, the other is a herbal blend. Five labels were created by five friends of the cafe: […]