The B.

Yeah, today’s my b-day, and I wasn’t going to say anything — older, not necessarily wiser — but the image above sent by one of my oldest friends (thanks, Guy) gave me a good laugh, and I wanted to share it. It was a terrific day of eating — my dear tonkatsu spaghetti at Nobu, amazing grubs from the depa-chika, and lots of cheese — and an incredibly enjoyable viewing of the new Star Trek film (thanks, Brad). Below, the beers I’m currently enjoying, all Japanese stouts and porters.

TKG Daikanyama Closes

The latest Tokyo art-related economic casualty: the TKG Daikanyama gallery. From TAB’s latest news digest:

Every month has brought news from London and New York of gallery closures and cut-backs, but so far the only obvious Tokyo victims have been media ones (Ping Mag, Real Tokyo, Art iT, Tokyo Art Cross). However, this week we found out that TKG Daikanyama appears to be closing down after its current exhibition finishes.

Next PauseTalk (Vol. 32)

People like to get early reminders, so here’s one for the next edition of PauseTalk (Vol. 32), which happens this coming Monday (June 1) at Cafe Pause. Start time is 20:00, and as I mentioned recently, the entire cafe will be reserved for the event, so there shouldn’t be issues about seating or taking up too much space.

The photo above, of Josh, was found on my camera following last month’s edition.

Cut&Paste 2009 Tokyo

The “Cut&Paste Digital Design Tournament 2009” is happening this Saturday (May 30, 17:00-20:30, 2,000 yen) at Womb in Shibuya. Tokyo is one of the last stops of this international competition, and it should be quite the event — just have a look at the participants listed below. There’s plenty more info at the event’s official site. Here’s a video look at the 2007 edition.

Katsunori Aoki / Butterfly Stroke
Yuichi Miyashi + Naohide Suzuki / Tycoon Graphics
Naomi Hirabayashi / Plug-in Graphic
Satoru Yamashita / Creative Director / + 81 Magazine

Tomoyuki Sugiyama / Digital Hollywood University
Christophe Defaye / AOKI Studio
Isao Nishigori / P.I.C.S.
Shuhei Morita / YAMATOWORKS
Hideki Watanabe / CGWorld

Motion Graphics
Junji Kojima / teevee graphics
Ichiro Tanida / John and Jane Doe Inc.
Koichiro Tsujikawa / Director?
Shinya Nakajima / Tohoku-Shinsha
Takeshi Nakamura / Caviar

PKN vs. PT

Well, sort of. For tomorrow night’s edition of PechaKucha Night in Tokyo (Vol. 62) at SuperDeluxe — or tonight (May 27), depending on when you read this — I helped Tomoko curate by suggesting a few presenters who, ahem, just so happen to be PauseTalkers (with one exception). Names you will recognize if you check those PauseTalk attendance reports I post:

  • Josh McKible: He’ll give us the lowdown and the latest happenings in the world of NaniBird (and I imagine an intro to urban papercraft in general).
  • Eric Chan: He’ll take us on a tour of his “Tokyo Tour,” which I’m sure will include his recent exhibition at Cafe Pause.
  • Mark Cooke: This should be amazing. Mark took up the challenge of creating 10 games in under 10 hours. Witness the results.
  • Keiji Ashizawa: I just wonder how he’ll fit everything he’s done in only 20 slides!
  • Anna Antoniades: With one of her fashion projects entitled “Nana + Seven,” and the fact that she has a fascination with the number 27, it seems like her participation was meant to happen (remember, May 27).
  • Audrey Fondecave: Audrey has never attended PauseTalk, but how could I not invite my fellow Radio OK Fredder, especially with a new book out.