Month: September 2009

  • Urbanized Typeface

    PSFK covers Takahiro Yamaguchi’s “Urbanized Typeface: Shibuya 08-09,” and interactive installation that presents a typeface he created by riding his GPS-equipped bike. It’s presented as part of the ICC’s yearlong “Open Space 2009” exhibition.

  • Rolling Stone

    So get this, as if an injured spine wasn’t enough, now I get diagnosed with a kidney stone. Luckily it’s a relatively small one (2-3mm) so is supposed to disintegrate by itself, but along with the waiting process goes a lot of water drinking and some very painful interludes — pain medicine for the win.…

  • Assault Girls

    The next film from Mamoru Oshii (Patlabor, Ghost in the Shell, Sky Crawlers) is Assault Girls, a live-action sci-fi flick starring Meisa Kuroki — who I must admit I have a crush on — and Rinko Kikuchi. It’s a follow-up to a planned trilogy that started with the short “Assault Girl ‘Hineko the Kentucky,’” below.…

  • Typography 101

    Ian Lynam is teaching the Typography 101 class again this semester at Temple University Japan — today (September 29) is the last day you have to enroll, with the class starting tomorrow. Ian describes the class in this post over at META no TAME, and you can sign up here.

  • Kinshachi Font Project

    SHOTYPE‘s Kunihiko Okano covers on the Tokyo-based foundry’s blog the Kinshachi font project, an interesting new endeavor that looks to create a new city-specific typeface for Nagoya — it’s part of the larger Cityfont Project, developed by Type Project’s Isao Suzuki.

  • Terashima Design Poster Exhibition

    Hokkaido’s Terashima Design is currently holding a web exhibition of posters that were produced in-house. It goes offline after September 30. Via Spoon & Tamago.

  • Four Boxes Gallery

    Following yesterday’s Atelier Bow-Wow studio tour, now we get a look at one of their latest projects: Four Boxes Gallery, a building for Danish college Krabbesholm Hojskole. There’s more to see at Designboom.

  • Happening in Tokyo

    French-Cameroonian designer Serge Mouangue is hosting the “WAfrica: A Dialogue with Japanese Culture” event (October 3-23) at the French Institute in Tokyo, with the intent of “[introducing] Japan to Africa in previously unimagined ways.” The Tokyo Game Show starts today at Makuhari Messe with two business days, but Saturday and Sunday (September 26-27) are open…

  • Exhibition Design in Kanazawa by Nendo

    Nendo is designing the exhibition space for the upcoming “The Current State of Kanazawa Crafts” show, to be held at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, October 13-25. The exhibition acts as a Kanazawa World Crafttriennial 2010 pre-event.

  • Web Trend Map

    If you’re into the web and design, there’s a very good chance that you already know about Information Architect‘s annual Web Trend Map poster. Going one step further this year, iA teamed up with Craig Mod to create an online web app version of the map. The way it works is that when you populate…