Protruding Frog

Just realized that until my post on next week’s PauseTalk, the top post that welcomed people to the site for the past week was of a man dressed in green, handling a “protruding” frog over his groin. That, my friends, is

Next PauseTalk (Vol. 39)

April’s PauseTalk is just around the corner, with Vol. 39 set to happen this coming Monday (April 5) at Cafe Pause, with the usual start time of 20:00 — the cafe is reserved from 19:30, so feel free do drop by a bit early. You can let me know you’re coming on the Facebook event […]

Surfing the Work Wave

Where’s my PauseTalk participants list? Why isn’t there any new content on SNOW Magazine today? What the hell is up with Radio OK Fred? Life (and a cold) and work have definitely gotten in the way of things of late. No need to worry though, good things come to those who wait (and the wait […]

PauseTalk Tonight

Just a reminder that tonight (March 8) is this month’s edition of PauseTalk (Vol. 38) at Cafe Pause, with a start time of 20:00. As always, the cafe is reserved from 19:30, so feel free to show up a bit early. Have been suffering through a cold this past weekend and still have a bit […]