Where Hast Thou Been?

Don’t you just hate posts that refer to the lack of posts on a blog? Oh well, such is what you must deal with on occasion, as your humble blogger feels the need to assure everyone that it “ain’t dead yet.” I’m coming off what has a been quite a project — it’s no secret […]

PauseTalk Tonight

And so following a post that announces “PauseTalk Next Week,” we get a post that asserts “PauseTalk Tonight.” Start time is the usual 20:00, although we have the cafe from 19:30. Come join us for Vol. 40, which also marks PT’s 4th anniversary!

PauseTalk Next Week

Enjoying the Golden Week holiday? Don’t forget that this month’s edition of PauseTalk is coming up on Monday (May 10) at Cafe Pause, with the usual start time of 20:00. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, this will be Vol. 40, and it also marks PauseTalk’s 4th anniversary, so even though we’re not having […]


Ah, yes, Fuji-san, something I’ve been lucky enough to see a few times this past month as I continue research for the new editions of the Rough Guide for Tokyo and Japan. The view pictured above is from the train as I leave the Fuji Five Lakes area. Oh, and I’ve now become completely addicted […]