Codex 22

I finally felt like doing a new episode of the Codex (22) — I really needed to give my head a new soundtrack — and it’s now ready for download. 

Japan Earthquake Disaster Relief

Although focus today is on the nuclear emergency, there are still so many in the north of the country that are in need of help — half a million were displaced following the first big quake, I believe. To donate money, there’s the Japan Red Cross, and the Japan Society is taking donations directly, with […]

What Has Happened

Let me start by saying that I’m writing this not to add noise to all the useful info getting out there, but because I’ve been contacted by countless concerned people about what happened with me, and what is going on. Here’s my story. As I had mentioned in a recent post, we were heading for […]

PauseTalk Vol. 48

First of all, thanks to all who made it to this week’s PauseTalk Vol. 48. It was a small gathering — in fact, for the first 20 minutes or so it was just me and Edward — but eventually a few more people showed up, and you’ll find most of them listed below. But this […]

Get Me Outta Here

Having the absolute worse case of seasonal allergies since I’ve come to Japan — the magic pills I always take, Alesion, just aren’t doing their thing it seems this year. Good thing I’ll be out of the country for a few days, starting tomorrow. For the first time, I’ll be taking in Vietnam and Cambodia […]

PauseTalk Vol. 47

I’m very late on this, and for that I apologize, but here’s the partial attendance list (those who signed up on the attendance sheet) for last month’s PauseTalk Vol. 47 (held February 7). If you’ll remember, it was the first editon following a two-month hiatus, and I think we all had a fun time. The […]