PK Event on Wednesday

Just like I usually put PauseTalk on hold during August because of the summer slowdown (people tend to go awway on holidays), so does our regular PechaKucha Night series, but on the PK side of things, we are having something just as good this Wednesday (August 24) in the form of a special Heineken-sponsored PK […]

Moving Servers

Just a heads-up about the relative silence here, as well as the offline status of a few of my sub-sites (like Codex and PauseTalk). I’m going to be moving over all of my sites to a new server (same host, but it appears that the server I’m on is quite old and slowly dying, and […]

Beers in the Park, Hitachino Edition

I’ve often described how I enjoy drinking beers while out and about — street beers, yo — and since the closure of the Minami-Ikebukuro Park a few years ago, my main outlet in the ‘Bukes has been Ikebukuro West Gate Park. It’s more of a gathering place than a park, but it’s fun in part […]