Finding RAGE at TGS

Here’s me talking about my ridiculous demo of the game RAGE at TGS, alongside CheapyD, in a video put together by Scott Popular and Niko Tanzuisi. Fun fact: Scott and Niko met at PauseTalk, and that’s where they hatched their plans to work together on a video project that revolves around Scott and his Final Round […]

Milky and Hip Tanaka

Had a really fun time at the 8-4 pre-TGS party last night — the one I mentioned in this post. The music was especially great, with Milky (James Mielke, above left) giving us a taste of Lumines, old and new, and then a terrific guest set from legendary game music composer Hip Tanaka (above right). Good […]

Mount Otake

Remember that weekend last week with the typhoon warning in effect? We kept waiting for it to come, and finally on Sunday decided to head up to the Okutama area for a bit of hiking. Lo and behold, the typhoon weather made itself felt just as we arrived, and so it was a very, very […]

Six Years of On Design

You’d figure I’d be better at pimping my stuff on the web, but it feels like it’s been ages since I last linked to my regular “On Design” column on The Japan Times. But yes, it continues to appear on the last Tuesday of every month, and this month marks the 6th anniversary! The first […]

PauseTalk Vol. 53

After taking a break in August, we were back withPauseTalk Vol. 53 this past Monday, and what a terrific evening it was. We kicked things off with a talk on the topic of “creatives” (the term itself), which evolved into a general discussion of the titles we use or give ourselves, and then elsewhere (as […]