I’ve been continuing my Ikebukuro West Gate Park beer drinking outings throughout the summer, and now it has spread into fall — our first combini run even saw us grabbing our first fall beers, which I believe were out that day (September 1). Meeting up with two friends (Cormac and Josh) who are as much […]

Before the Haircut

There was a time when I would always post a photo here after I got a haircut. I’ve long stopped doing that — it did feel rather silly — and so here’s a pic of me just before the scissors hit the hair. I didn’t get anything drastic, just a “refresh” — I have a […]


Just over a week ago I attended the launch party for thesecond issue of TOO MUCH magazine, held at the United Bamboo store (in the building’s event space) in Daikanyama. TOO MUCH is of course the follow-up to OK FRED magazine, and is still helmed by the editorial duo of Yoshi Tsujimura and Audrey Fondecave […]

Special Normal

Just before I went to the TOO MUCH magazine launch party, I stopped by my friend Spikey’s new studio in Daikanyama. Spikey (or Shin Takahashi) worked at Klein Dytham architecture for 7 years, and just a few months ago left the company to start his own thing, in the guises ofSpecial Normal. He’s an amazing […]

And We’re Back

Apologies for the site’s downtime — the server migration had a few hiccups involved moving over my SQL databases, and it took a few days to resolve everything. But it looks like it’s all good now, and all of my sites seem to be back up and running. Expect regular blogging to resume all over, […]

PauseTalk Next Week

Following a summer break, PauseTalk is back this coming Monday (September 5) at Cafe Pause for a 53rd edition. The official session will start at 20:00, as always, but feel free to come earlier — I usually get there around 19:30 or so. I will be creating a Facebook event page — here is the PauseTalk […]