Beware the Batman

I hadn’t heard of this show and just happened to come across a clip, and so decided to check it out. I’m really in love with the visuals – it’s animated in CG, but still has designs that aren’t that far off from the classic Bruce Timm look we’re used to seeing with animated Batman. I’ve only watched the first 2 episodes so far (there are 9 out), and I’m definitely interested in watching more.

After Earth

Came at this with extremely low expectations, considering I’d heard nothing particularly good about it, and now I know why. It starts off good, I liked the setup, the world they inhabit, the tech designs. Then you meet Will Smith’s character, an absolute bore. Smith Jr. is more just annoying than boring, and so it was hard to find much enjoyment in what was happening. I liked bits here and there, but for the most part this is a pass.

Final Fantasy XIV

I love this game so much. Sure, I was frustrated during the first weeks because of the issues with the servers, not being able to get on to play, but things are normal now, and it’s a joy to hop in and have some adventures in this world. I’m also lucky that I have a lot of friends playing this, and so it’s going to be fun teaming up in the future for the big battles. This is my first real MMO experience – I played a tiny bit of WoW quite a while ago, but got out because I didn’t want to invest more time into it. I also love that I’m playing this on the PS3 – I still don’t quite like playing games on my Mac as much as on my consoles (home and portable).

This Is the End

Holy shit did I ever laugh my head off while watching this – one of the funniest flicks I’ve watched in a while. Sure, it’s puerile as hell, but oh-so-much fun. The Franco/McBride argument about jerking off had me in tears. Sure, there’s also the fact that I like all of these people in the first place (well, their movies at least). Oh, and Michael Cera in this. Priceless.

I Am Street Fighter

Of all the video game genres, fighting is the one I tend to steer clear of, but I’m still fascinated by the culture that surrounds fighting games – EVO and the like – and this is a fantastic portrayal of the community that exists around the Street Fighter franchise (and fighting games in general). I loved the interview bits with Yu Suzuki, especially is proclamation towards the end of the #1 and #2 fighting game franchises. Definitely one to watch, and it couldn’t be easier to do so – the entire film is available for free on YouTube (I watched it last night through Apple TV).