Room 237

While watching this, more than enjoying the theories that the narrators suggest about The Shining, I was just reminded of how much I love that film, and enjoyed the clips. The theories are fun though, although the fact that you are never shown the narrators kinda works and doesn’t – doesn’t in the sense that since I don’t meet these people, I don’t really have a context to make a decision on how crazy or thought-out the theories are. But hey, if you’re a fan of The Shining, it’s well worth watching. It’ll definitely make my next viewing of the original film that much more interesting.

Before Midnight

I’ve basically aged with these characters, being at the same point in my life as they are when a new film in the series has come out. I’ve really liked these movies, but I have to say that this one hit a bit too close to home – the conflict within – and so I can’t say that I enjoyed watching it as much as the other ones. It’s not to say I don’t like it, but seeing the “difficult” parts of your life being reflected in a movie – not exactly the same, but rather recognising and being reminded of the challenges that international couples face – was a bit rough.

Man of Steel

It may be because I came in with pretty low expectations – considering that so many of my friends appear to not like this movie – but I ended up rather enjoying this. As big a comic geek as I am, I have never liked Superman, but I thought this was a pretty good take on him. I really liked the bits on Krypton – very sci-fiesque – and wouldn’t mind having an entire movie set there. As far as the action, I thought it was the best representation of super powered beings fighting I’ve seen on film – better than in the Marvel movies. You really could feel the force that was being used. I think people prefer the Marvel movies because they’re more fun – the DC movies wouldn’t be considered fun. The one thing I was really disappointed with was that they ended up introducing the stupid Daily Planet Clark Kent identity at the end – I was hoping they were going to skip doing that, as it has never made any sense that no one recognises him (but hey, in comics, you just go with it).

Monsters University

I’m a bit surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie, considering that I don’t have any particularly strong love for the first one (liked it, but don’t remember loving it). I really, really liked this one, thought it was a fun story, and pretty damn funny. I mean, it’s no Wall-E or Up, but definitely an example of Pixar being on top of its game.