The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Even though I bought this pretty much as soon as it hit the eShop on Friday, I didn’t really get a change to dig deep into it until last night, due to the weekend’s PS4 adventures (see the previous posts). I’m glad I didn’t rush into it though, and what I have played so far (2-3 hours) has been simply magical. The first thing that hits you – if you’re an old fart like me – is that the music brings you right back to those days of playing A Link to the Past, although it’s all beautifully rearranged. And oh how I missed playing a Zelda game top-down like this – and the 3D really is a cool effect on this kind of perspective. I know I’m going to have some lovely adventures playing this.


Of the three PS4 free-to-play games available at launch, this was the one I was most excited to try out – partly because I prefer 3rd-person over first-person in my shooters, and also because I was digging the sci-fi setting and character models in the trailers I had seen. In the end, it’s the one I ended up playing the least, but I do want to spend some more time with it. What I did play was fun, but didn’t really blow me away or anything.