I’m pretty sure everyone is already playing this on iOS, and with reason. Everything about this game is stellar, from the art direction, animations, and sound effects, to the simple and addictive gameplay. Make 3s (duh) and then match them to create larger multiples. Pictured here is the highest score I’ve been able to get […]


Let’s make games together. It’s no secret that I’ve loved the world of games all my life. I’ve even covered them professionally, with contributions to Wired‘s Game|Life, Kotaku, and 1UP, as well as my work with Brian Ashcraft on theArcade Mania book, about Japanese game centers. But I’ve never made one. A few years ago I […]

Super Mario 3D World

So yes, just over a week ago, I finally got my hands on a Nintendo Wii U (and big thanks to my friend who made that possible). Despite the dismal news on the health of the console, I always knew I would eventually get one, and was just being patient, waiting for the games that […]