The Killing

Yeah, I’ve stuck with The Killing until this final season – although I did give up early on in season 2, but got back on with season 3. I do like these characters (especially Holder), and this final season was indeed quite good – if a bit frustrating in terms of the emotional upheavals of the main characters. But hey, it told a good story, and the ending was surprisingly satisfying, and definitely not what I was expecting. I do feel like going back and watching season 2 now (I gave up on it because the mystery was just dragging on, and they started anew with season 3).

The Purge: Anarchy

Sure, it’s a crazy-ass premise – one night a year, killing is allowed – but I did enjoy watching the first one, and this was good too. Whereas the first one gets you to experience the night in tight quarters and in the form of a home invasion, this one reveals the larger chaos that happens throughout cities, and adds in a bit more background on how the “purge” is really being used by the government – I could see this being the focus of the next one, if they do make another one.

The Zero Theorem

This movie is weird, interesting, fascinating, and oh-so Gilliam. The future depicted is just crazy – in a good way, think Brazil – and the actual plot is, well, that’s not really important. And I so enjoyed the performance by Mélanie Thierry – and her lovely accent. So glad Gilliam is still making movies like this.


I’ve gone through some mixed feelings on this game, since I’ve been playing (for 2 days now). At first I was disappointed that it didn’t really end up having more story that what we experienced in the Alpha and Beta tests – and it also made me regret playing those 2 releases, since I was now replaying those same beginning missions for a third time, in settings that are now becoming too familiar. But yes, the action itself is incredibly fun, I absolutely love the art direction and the worlds I’m playing in (I just hit Venus), and when you’re playing with friends, it’s truly a blast. I was feeling a bit frustrated at first while trying to play through the story missions alone – since pretty much all my friends are level 20+ now – and was finding it quite challenging during the final battles, but I have managed to get through quite a few of them, and then capped that off with some fun play sessions last night and today with friends. And hey, I finally saw a long cutscene that hinted at something really interesting. I’m playing this a hell of a lot more than I normally do when I get a new game, and that alone should be a sign of how much enjoyment I’m getting out of it.


I think the reason I ended up enjoying the first episode of this is because I came in with such low expectations. The buzz I was hearing wasn’t very good, and to be honest, the concept didn’t really sound that interesting to me – just give me a fucking Batman show. But based on what I saw, it has the potential to be a fun procedural, especially if what the showrunner says is true, and that regular episodes won’t include a cavalcade of villains-to-be like there is in the pilot. I really liked the character of Bullock, as well as the the pithy take on Alfred. I’ll give it at least a few episodes.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

As I wrote before, I really didn’t like this series when it started, but then when the season was over I kept hearing that it got good, so I binged it, and I did indeed end up liking it – it gets good from the last third of the season. Season 2 has just started, and although you can see they are trying to set up some things, the first episode wasn’t really interesting at all. I was excited about the addition of Lucy Lawless, but she’s not given anything interesting to do here. I’ll give it a few episodes, but right now I’m feeling like I’ll be better served by just sticking to Arrow and Flash.


I have tepid interest in all of these YA movies – even for The Hunger Games, I find it OK, but it doesn’t really grab me – but I did want to check Divergent out because of the sci-fi setting, and because I like Shailene Woodley. I liked this. Sure, the premise is kinda hokey – society is divided in 5 classes, to which everyone must conform – but if you just accept that that’s what you’re playing with, there’s an interesting story to tell, of how these classes interact with other (and affect each other). I know there are 2 more movies coming, and I’m definitely looking forward to the next one, based on how this one ends. Also, great use of Woodkid’s “Run Boy Run” track.

The Party

OK, you’ll need to get past the fact that Peter Sellers is basically doing “blackface” – portraying an actor from India – but I so loved this film when I was a kid, and watching it again now, I’m still in love. At the core is of course the wacky/zany performance by Sellers, but what makes it complete is the fantastic soundtrack by Mancini, the cool sixties vibe from director Blake Edwards, and the amazing set – it pretty much all takes place in one house, during a dinner party. I so love the groove, and oh what I wouldn’t give to spend an evening like that in a place like that – yes, even if it ended up in bubbles.