WWE Immortals

Yes, I’m playing a game in which WWE wrestlers are fighting it out while wearing fantasy costumes in a Mortal Kombat-like setting (made by the Mortal Kombat people). It’s basically the Injustice fighting game with a WWE fantasy skin, although I do get a kick out of how the big power moves are similar to the ones the wrestlers use in-ring. I mean, hey, it’s free-to-play, and it looks slick on the iPad, and I’m having fun.

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

I picked this up tonight as one of my Club Nintendo free downloads, and I’m sure glad I did. I haven’t played a Donkey Kong Country game since the original one on the Super Nintendo, and wow, I just totally got sucked into the gameplay. Loving the platforming, and the visuals are really fantastic, with great 3D effects. I have a feeling I’m really going to love this game, and I imagine it won’t take long before I’ll want to pick up Tropical Freeze on the Wii U.


Just take a look at the screenshot above. This game has such a fantastic look to it, and the greek/roman history geek in me just can’t get enough of it. In terms of gameplay, it did take some to get used to it – at first I didn’t really like the way the character controlled, with puppet-like movement, but you eventually get a feel for it, and I started also feeling that it made sense within the context of the aesthetics. I’ve only played a couple of hours so far, and since it’s a Metroidvania type game I’m sure there’s still tons I haven’t seen. So far, I’m really enjoying it, and since it’s one of the PS+ titles this month, there’s not reason not to give it a try.

Life Is Strange

I’ll start by saying what I didn’t really like about this game, and that’s that the dialogue can be a bit too teens-of-today for my taste, but man, I sure enjoyed being in this world, and playing through this first episode. The visuals have a really nice feel to them – there’s a great painterly effect on things – and the setting is beautiful (Pacific Northwest). The time control mechanic is also neat, and they do a good job of incorporating it within the puzzles. I’m a huge fan of the Telltale games, but it’s nice to see an adventure game that plays and looks so different. Can’t wait for the next episodes to come out.

John Wick

Despite the very uneven start – sorry, but no puppy in the world acts that way, and the color saturation was just way overdone – this ended up being one of the best violent action movies I’ve watched in ages. I think this may have the best fight/gun action sequences since HK-era John Woo. Sure, there’s stuff to nitpick over – why the hell did he leave Perkins alive after she tried to kill him – but you can ignore that and just enjoy the killer action. Apparently there’s already talk of a sequel happening, and I wouldn’t mind that at all.

Grim Fandango Remastered

Grim Fandango is quite possibly my favorite LucasArts games, and on top of that, one of my favorite games of all time. I was so happy when it was announced that they were going to do a “remastered” version, and I’m also incredibly happy that Day of the Tentacle will be next (and come on, let’s just keep going and do Full Throttle after). Playing it again has been an absolute joy, and the game looks terrific. I played a bit on PS4, but I’ve mostly been playing on Vita, which is just perfect for this – and the graphics just look that much better on the smaller screen. What has surprised me is how I don’t really feel like I’m playing an old game, but that’s maybe because I just really love adventure games like this, and I still play them now – Broken Age was one of my favorite games of last year, after all. But yes, please play this if you’ve never done so, and here’s hoping Double Fine manages to get the rights to do remastered editions of even more classic LucasArts games.