Muji Hut

I want a Muji Hut. Sure, it’s rather pricey at 3 million yen (around $30,000), which includes the construction costs, but still, I imagine this little thing somewhere on a mountain, to relax in. They go on sale this fall (Japan only).


I loved this movie so much back in the day, and watched it countless times. Watching it again now, it’s still pretty great, and features some really nicely shot fighting sequences — like the showdown at the end in front of blue-lit windows, with shadowy figures in combat, sorta like what we see in that […]

River’s Edge

I remember super liking this movie back in the day, and that it was dark and weird. Well, it’s still dark and weird, and I still quite enjoyed it. The acting is a bit off at times — young Keanu is, well, young, and Crispin Glover over-hams, but in a fun way — but it’s […]

Seoul Station

I remember being quite interested in watching this Korean animated film when it got announced last year (even though I’m pretty tired of seeing zombies in whatever form of media), and then had sorta forgotten about it. I watched it the other night, and wow, this is a really good movie. The animation is really […]

Better Call Saul (Season 3)

After binging season 2 recently (and loving it to bits), I just couldn’t help but check in on season 3 (even though these days I prefer to wait for a series to be done its season before watching it). The first episode was pretty good, but oh man, episode 2, with the return of Los […]