I really didn’t know much about this movie other than it was set in a space station, with astronauts dealing with some sort of dangerous life form, but that was pretty much enough to get me to watch it (and I like Jake Gyllenhaal). Having watched it, I can’t say that it was really that […]

Kong: Skull Island

I have mixed feelings for this film. I went in not caring that much about it — not many expectations, but hoping for a fun adventure movie. I liked that it wasn’t a modern setting (first the 40s, then the 70s), and so things started pretty good, but then I kept getting annoyed by a […]

Maximum Overdrive

I didn’t have great memories about this movie — in fact, I remember thinking it was pretty lousy. Watching it again now, it’s just as ridiculous as I remembered it being, but there was a bit of fun to be had re-watching all of this ridiculousness. Yeardley Smith is pretty entertaining. And the AC/DC soundtrack […]

Interview with Shigeru Miyamoto and Yves Guillemot

The moment I saw Shigeru Miyamoto walk out on stage at Ubisoft’s E3 press conference, I was ecstatic. It’s no secret that I have quite a bit of fondness for Nintendo, and so to not only see the company I work for collaborate with them, but then to also see Miyamoto himself help with the promotion, it […]

Mulholland Drive

The second part of my Lynch double bill was Mulholland Drive, a movie I’ve grown to love over the years. I remember not hugely liking it when it first came out. Knowing the story that it was a failed TV pilot that was later reworked and turned into a feature film, I disliked the way […]