Game Boy 003 – League

“Game Boy” is a weekly column in which I write about being a game developer working in Montreal. You’ll find them all under this category, and it starts here. I don’t think I’ve ever played as much Magic: The Gathering as I do since working at game studios. It’s no secret that I love board and card […]

The X-Files (Season 11)

I’m having so much fun watching this latest (and probably last) season of The X-Files, because it’s really having a lot of fun with itself, to a point where it almost feels like a trashy parody of itself (especially this week’s 4th episode, which was fantastic). With last year’s return of the series, I can’t […]

Jaws: The Revenge

I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular here, just some good cheesy fun with a mechanical shark, and the saddest thing here is that the scenes with the shark are so far and few, and you have to deal with so much boring family scenes. Oh, and now there’s some sort of telepathic link with Jaws? OK. […]


Yes, I watched this (during the holiday break), and yes, it’s not very good. I watched it out of curiosity, and because even though it had bad buzz, I did think that the setting was an interesting one. Or that it could potentially have been interesting. I didn’t absolutely hate it, but it’s an ugly […]


I wrote about watching another film in Nikkatsu’s rebooted “Roman Porno” series (Wet Woman in the Wind), and this is another film under that umbrella that popped up on Mubi. Directed by Sion Sono, this one quite literally lives up to its title, and is pretty much the furthest you could get from feeling erotic. […]


I knew nothing about this series, an Amazon Original — and apparently the pilot was first released back in 2015, and then the rest of the season was released now — but I noticed a few raves for it on my Twitter timeline and so decided to check it out, and I’m glad I did. […]

Shameless (Season 7)

It continually surprises me just how much I continue to enjoy this show, 7 seasons in. They recently added this 7th season to Netflix, and I’m just over halfway watching it, and again, it’s just good fun. I keep thinking that they’ll have nowhere else interesting to go with these characters, and yet each new […]

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman

I finally watched the first episode of this last night — with Obama as his first guest — and enjoyed it to bits. Obama truly comes off as a great, intelligent, reasonable, and funny man. The questions aren’t incisive, but Letterman is good at keeping the conversation going, and so I’m quite looking forward to […]