Pedal ID

Can’t afford a real track bike? Go for the Pedal ID Basic Set instead, a customizable mini version which you can then upgrade with various accessories (tires, chains, saddles, cranks, etc.) Better than Barbie! Via Craig.

Sneaker Love Pop-up Shop

Starting today (April 21) and running until May 6, Laforet in Harajuku is hosting the “KIKS TYO x YONE x AKI HOSHINO Sneaker Lover Pop-up Shop.” The shop will have exclusive collaborations with Champion, New Balance, and G-SHOCK, and will also be selling the limited edition tee (Hoshino photographed by Yone) seen below. Also, the […]

Kubrick Lost

I’m a big fan of the TV series LOST — it’s the one show I watch religiously, every Friday night with my wife, as soon as a new episode is out — and here’s a surprising merch tie-in, Kubrick figures of the main characters from the show. Now, as much as I love Kubricks and […]