No November GGG for Me

Damn. I’m in Ginza right now (writing this at the Apple Store), and wasn’t able to see this month‘s GGG exhibition, missing it by two days. I got there and could see them working on next month’s show, ANOTHER SIDE OF AYAO YAMANA, 1720s-70s, starting December 1. While I’m here, I think I’m finally going […]

An Afternoon in Shibuya

Headed out early today to get to Shibuya with Yuko. She has some things she needs to do all day at the Tokyo University Komaba campus, so I tagged along until Shibuya, and am spending the afternoon in the area. I started off with Tower Records, where I finally picked up the first issue of […]

Metropolis 553

This week’s issue of city guide METROPOLIS has quite a few interesting articles in it, which I’ll rundown in one post instead of multiple entries. After a week, look in their sidebar archives for issue 553. The cover feature is a short story — “Watercolors,” taken from his DARK WATER collection — by RINGU author […]