Pain & Gain

Oh man did I ever have fun watching this. Who says Michael Bay has no sense of humor? This was exactly what I was in the mood for, a sort of 80s/90s era comedy/crime film. It’s really funny as hell, and there are so many great characters in this – and Rebel Wilson yet again drops the mic in every single scene she’s in. Don’t miss out just because Bay directed it, it’s too fun (in a dark way) to not watch.


My new favorite comic right now is Lazarus, a recently launched series (2 issues out so far) that takes place in a alternate Earth where families are running the world, instead of governments. The world building is awesome, and the story by Greg Rucka is rather good so far – the art is by Michael Lark, who I’ve long appreciated. Don’t miss this.

Remember Me

So far I both love and hate this game. What I love the most is the world its set in, a futuristic Neo-Paris that is Blade Runner-esque in the best sense. It’s a joy to explore this city. I also really dig the interface, the cybernetics that you use to interact in the world, as well as the whole memory control system. What has been driving me nuts are some of the battles, which are just not fun. You’re often stuck running around in circles waiting for one of your powers to “ready” itself, and although the build-your-own combo system is interesting, executing those long combos is an exercise in frustration. I think I’m more than halfway through, and I do want to get to the end to see more of the world, but I wish I didn’t have to deal with the annoying bits.

Nano Assault EX

I bought this game on the 3DS eShop last week – it was on sale for half price, and probably still is – and haven’t played much because of Dream Team monopolizing my 3DS time these days, but it’s a really rad shooter. This game really shows off the 3D effects of the system well, and so it’s a joy to move around the 3D space, shooting the hell out of incoming viruses and the like. Definitely worth picking up, especially at the current sale price (something like $6-7).

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

As you may have noticed, I’ve really been enjoying playing games on the 3DS of late, and so it’s no big surprise that I was fairly excited at the idea of playing Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, to the point that I got the game pretty much as it was released (midnight release on August 11). I’m not that familiar with the Mario RPG series, having only played one (Partners in Time), and not to completion, but man, I’m really enjoying this game. I’ve always been one to enjoy JRPGs, and so turn-based battles are something I like, but it’s really fun how these games build on that, adding so much “action” as part of the battles, to keep you on your toes. The story is fun but silly – as you’d expect – but the real fun is in exploring the world by way of Luigi’s dreams, activating various gimmicks to advance further. I can definitely see myself getting to the end of this.

Dark Souls

I played quite a bit of Dark Souls earlier this year, but eventually put it aside as I got to a point where frustration was getting to me. But the other day, my friend Johnny came over to act as “guide” for me playing through it, offering helpful pointers throughout, and it was a blast. Over about 4 hours of play, I got way past where I’d gotten before on my own, and managed to take down – with some online visitor help – some of the big baddies. Who says that all great co-op experiences have to revolve around having 2 players play at the same time? Not me.

Battle of the Bulge

I’m not usually into strategic war simulations – not at all, actually – but I can’t recommend Battle of the Bulge for iPad enough. It was recommended to me by a friend, and after playing through the free demo version, I pretty much immediately bought it (and it’s fairly pricey for an iOS game, at $10). The presentation is spectacularly done, and the gameplay is dead simple yet fun. My biggest challenge is in really understanding how to properly make my advances, without losing my supply lines – which basically leaves your advanced troops dead in the water. The game also supports online multiplayer, which I haven’t tried yet.