TSiG Magazine Exhibition

PRESS RELEASE TOKYO STYLE IN GOTHENBURG 2004 Magazine Exhibition For Tokyo Style in Gothenburg we will arrange a Japanese magazine exhibition, showing and promoting different Japanese magazines we like. The exhibition will take place at the cultural building Ròˆda Sten (www.rodasten.com) in Gothenburg, in the huge main room which holds 12 meters to the roof. […]

Minimix 17

I also picked up the latest issue of MINIMIX (17), although it looks like I’m quite late as it’s the Winter 2003 issue. Seems like their website is hopelessly out of date, listing issue 14 as the latest. I think I’ve missed the ones in between. I wonder if they’re having trouble with distribution, because […]

West East Magazine

After work I stopped in at Shibuya’s Tower Records and picked up the new issue of WEST EAST, a beautiful giant-sized magazine from Hong Kong. I don’t pick up every issue as it’s a bit expensive (I did love the “New China” issue from last year), but how could I say no to the “Street” […]

Vice Japan

VICE magazine is about to launch a Japanese edition (in July), and Robert, no stranger to this site, will be writing for them. Seems like he’s setting up quite a few writing gigs, with the Amercian edition of SHONEN JUMP and electronic music magazine EI all knockin’ on his door. Great to see.

GQ Japan

I love the cover image of this month’s issue of GQ Japan (the magazine’s official site has a much larger version). It features Murakami Takashi, and the lovely Sato Eriko (star of the new CUTIE HONEY film) dressed has one of his creations. The inside features a stunning pictorial of her appearing as quite a […]

Smart Max

Yesterday I picked up this month’s issue of SMART MAX (not the issue pictured above, with Sakomoto Ryuichi and Oyamada Keigo on the cover, but rather the June issue with Kiriya Kazuaki on the cover), and adult men’s street magazine, as it features a special Bonjour Essentials CD. Compiled by Bonjour Records (the great Daikanyama […]