Like it’s 1968

The latest movie marathon I was doing was forĀ 1968, and although I had initially told myself I’d do 10 movies, I’ve decided to stop after 7, which are all listed below (and can found collected here). There were still a few movies I would have watched, like Bullit (which I admittedly had already re-visited a […]

Rosemary’s Baby

After putting aside my 1968 movie marathon for what feels like months (because I had a hard time getting through Wonderwall), I immediately followed it by this film, which is still so incredibly good. I had even watched it a few years ago, but was again engaged fully. It has such incredible mood and progression […]


I was a bit stuck on my 1968 movie marathon because of this film. In a way, I’m glad I watched it, as some of the psychedelic visuals are pretty fun, along with the trippy soundtrack by George Harrison, but man, it was also a chore to watch, and took me a few viewing sessions […]

Planet of the Apes

The thing that really strikes you here is just how over-the-top Charlton Heston’s acting is throughout, although I guess it’s of the era. It was a fun watch — I’m sure I must have seen it ages ago, but didn’t really remember much, other than of course the famous ending. In fact, I imagine it […]

Coogan’s Bluff

This was not at all what I thought it would be. I was expecting a modern western, and instead it’s a comedy about a marshal from Arizona experiencing the big city of New York. It’s an awful movie, really, although I think I’m glad I watched it for the sequence in the night club — […]

Where Eagles Dare

I was expecting to really be into this — it’s definitely a setting I love, with a crack commando unit of WW2 soldiers infiltrating a castle full of Nazis (sorta like a mission from the game Commandos). And I did like a bunch of it, but it just felt too long, and I found myself […]

Hang ‘Em High

The biggest western (I’d say) from 1968 is Leone’s Once Upon Time in the West, but I watched it a few months ago, and so I’m not including it in my current 1968 movie marathon. I did quite enjoy watching Hang ‘Em High though, which I’d never seen. A classic western, with Eastwood doing what […]