I had fond memories of this movie, and I’m glad to say it’s still pretty good. It’s also a movie I remember appreciating later on, not when it came out — since I was too young at the time, and was more a fan of Ford as an action hero. But yeah, it’s a good […]


I guess Creepers is what it was called for its North American release, but it’s better known as Phenomena. Although I’ve been meaning to watch one of his movies forever, this is my first Dario Argento film. I’ll go out and say it, I thought this film was terrible, although I did think that the batshit […]


This was still pretty enjoyable, for what it is. The montage when he puts on his equipment before the final confrontation is still so classic, and overall the action is pretty good. And man, whatever happened to Rae Dawn Chong!

The Black Cauldron

I remember that back then, this was a low for Disney animation — it was a pretty big flop, in a series of animated flops for Disney, before it got its groove back with The Little Mermaid. But I remember liking this movie, although I’m guessing it’s because I liked the dark-ish fantasy setting. Unfortunately, it […]

Teen Wolf

The “Michael J. Fox movie of 1985” was of course Back to the Future, but Teen Wolf came out the same year, and you know what, it’s not bad. You’re reminded of why we liked Michael J. Fox so much during that era, as he has the same charm here than in Back to the […]

St. Elmo’s Fire

Watching this again made me miss the brat pack so damn much. It sucks that we didn’t get more movies during that era that featured pretty much all of them — there are a lot of movies with a couple of members, but this and Breakfast Club are pretty much the only ones with so many. […]

Spies Like Us

As far as silly comedies go, this is pretty silly, and I admit that it still made me laugh — although I’m not sure if it’s because it’s actually really funny, or that I just enjoyed seeing it again because of the nostalgia. But either way, I had a fun time watching it, and it […]