A Better Tomorrow

I decided that this would be my final film of my 1986 run (the 40th) a few days ago, when a friend reminded me that it came out that year. The films of John Woo are what got me into Hong Kong cinema (and then Asian cinema), and although I’m pretty sure Bullet in the […]

The Fly

I feel like this movie has aged incredibly well. It was much more horrifying and gruesome than I remembered, mixed in with the extreme sadness as you witness the transformation and ultimate fate of Brundel — and what a fantastic performance by Goldblum. I also like that it’s such a self-contained thing, with a small […]

Short Circuit

This is one of those movies that you’d think I’d have watched early on in my 1986 run, but I decided quite early on that I wanted to keep it for the end (this is my 38th film from 1986, and I have two left to watch since my plan has always been to hit […]

Little Shop of Horrors

This was a joy to re-watch. There’s a lot to love in this, and it reminded me how fun it is to see Rick Moranis on screen, and how I missed that (feels like he disappeared from making movies too early). But the absolute scene-stealing performance comes courtesy of Steve Martin, especially when he does […]

Black Moon Rising

I definitely remembered the poster/VHS box cover for this movie, but nothing else. After watching it, parts sorta came back to me (like the design of the futuristic car) so I’m guessing I probably did watch it, but that it wasn’t particularly memorable to me. Watching it now, it’s fun to see young Tommy Lee […]

The Mission

I remember this being one of the epic Oscar-worthy films of the time, and it still comes off that way. This is a really good movie, even if it is brutal and sad. I will say that Robert De Niro does seem a bit out of place in this — I don’t think it’s because […]

The Big Easy

The memories I had of this movie were that it was a pretty decent drama, with some very sexy scenes with Ellen Barkin. Re-watching it now, the over-acting kinda ruins it — everyone is trying to put on a super New Orleans accent (especially Dennis Quaid) and it comes off bad. The story isn’t particularly […]

The Delta Force

This is such a weird movie. You go in expecting a typical Cannon actioner, but then not only is it quite long, you can tell that director Menahem Golan was actually trying to say something here, and although I wouldn’t go so far as saying it goes into drama territory, it does take quite a […]