Alfred Hitchcock

On top of my year-based movie watching — I’m currently still in 1978 — I enjoy watching through other series of films as a Sunday night tradition. Following Bond and Indiana Jones, over the summer I decided to revisit a large chunk of Alfred Hitchcock’s work. I stuck to his color output (with the exception […]


I kept this for my final Hitchcock film, and I’m glad I did. I don’t know if I’ve necessarily watched it many more times than his other films, but it’s certainly his most memorable film (on top of being the most popular), and so it was the one that I went in remembering the most […]

Family Plot

This was Hitchcock’s final film, and I didn’t have any particularly fond memories about it. Re-watching it, I feel pretty much the same way — it’s not horrible, but it’s not particularly good either, and I really dislike Bruce Dern’s character in this, with his over-the-top manic delivery. Wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone, but […]


Last week’s Hitchcock film was Topaz, which I think is a much better spy thriller than Torn Curtain. I quite like this movie, and it shows just how diverse Hitchcock could be — we celebrate him as the “Master of Suspense,” but I think he covers quite a few genres, and is just as good […]

Rear Window

Continuing with my Sunday night Hitchcock revisit, a couple of weeks ago I watched what is possibly my favorite Hitchcock film — and it’s one of the reasons I waited so long to watch it, since I’ve seen it so many times. It’s a masterpiece in terms of construction and execution, and the frequent no-dialogue […]

Torn Curtain

Last night’s entry in my Sunday night Hitchcock marathon was this one, which I had absolutely no memory of, in terms of the story (even though I know I watched it at some point in my life). It could have been an OK spy thriller, but uncharacteristically, it doesn’t feel well put together, and there […]


There so much great about this movie, from the fact that it takes place entirely inside that one apartment, to the way it’s made to look as if it’s just one continuous shot (there are just a few cheats, so they were still very long takes). And it’s enjoyable to see the interactions between all […]