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  • The Genius of Katsuhiro Otomo

    Katsuhiro Otomo is one of my all-time favorite manga creators, and what you see in the images above — see this tweet by Max Humphries for larger images — is yet another example of the genius that is Otomo.

  • Ryuto Miyake

    I quite like the work of Ryuto Miyake, which I came across through this post on the It’s Nice That blog. He’s got a great sense of design as well, and I love the scrolling page of illustrations on his personal site (click on “Illustration” at the top).

  • Masakatsu Sashie

    I’m really digging the paintings of Masakatsu Sashie (which I found via this post). I’m especially taken by his series of floating spheres (go in his “Works” gallery, and check out “2014-2015.”

  • Tee Dee Double You

    If Tokyo Design Week takes place and you’re not there, does it really take place? Apologies for the ridiculous statement, but as this year’s edition of Tokyo Design Week kicks off, it indeed feels incredibly strange to see it happen from afar. Even though in recent years I’d grown a bit disillusioned with a lot…

  • Miki Saito

    I’m so happy to see artist Miki Saito getting a lot of attention these days. The best thing about hosting PauseTalk all these years was that it gave me the chance to meet so many interesting and creative people, and Miki was one of those people. She was a regular attendee since returning to Japan.…

  • Opening of Diesel Concept Store in Shibuya

    Thursday night I was out in Shibuya for the opening reception of the new Diesel Concept Store, which opens to the public today (November 20). Like the Diesel Denim Gallery in Aoyama, the store features a gallery space, and the opening show is Simon Henwood and Fannie Schiavoni’s “Black Sun” (until February 23). I rather…

  • Art Space Tokyo Success

    Some great news today: as of an hour ago, the Art Space Tokyo team reached their goal of raising $15,000 to reprint/update the book, as well as produce a free iPad version. Keep supporting the project though, because I know they low-balled the amount (if you don’t reach your goal on Kickstarter you get nothing)…

  • Reviving Art Space Tokyo

    My friends Craig Mod and Ashley Rawlings produced this terrific book a couple of years ago called Art Space Tokyo, you may have heard of it — I’ve certainly plugged it and recommended it countless times to anyone I talk to when it comes to the art scene in Tokyo. It has unfortunately been out…

  • Please Help Tokyo Art Beat

    As we’ve seen with many a site and company, 2009 was a very rough year, and our dear Tokyo Art Beat — itself a non-profit — was hit as well. So if you can, PLEASE help TAB keep going by making a donation here. PLEASE!

  • Corner

    A new group show at the Nanzuka Underground gallery in Shibuya entitled “Corner” brings together the following four artists: Alexander Gelman, Paul Davis, Toast Girl, and Yuichi Yokoyama. This exhibition presents the works of artists who continue to produce original works that are not influenced by the fashions and trends in the belief that the…