TokyoMade Market Vol. 3

TokyoMade is hosting another weeklong market event (Vol. 3), again at the Mememachine gallery in Shibuya.

The TokyoMade Market is a nomadic gathering of Japan-based art and design. An extension of the online store, theTokyoMade Market is an opportunity for designers and artists to share their latest work and sale items. A pop-up event that attracts a diverse crowd of art, fashion and design lovers, the TokyoMade Market also gives fans a chance to connect with the creators in an offline setting.

It kicked off yesterday, and runs until December 27 (12:00-18:00 daily).

Cafe Pause Poster Series 05

I announced it a month back, and now the fifth edition of the “Cafe Pause Poster Series” is finally up at the entrance of the cafe. Again, huge thanks to Luis for doing this — it’s a great way to kick off 2010 at Cafe Pause! You can better see the poster here, as well as an explanation of the concept behind it.

Megane Zine 2

Yoshi Shimura (Star Graphics) is a Tokyo native who moved to LA a year ago, and he’s just released the second issue of Megane Zine. As he describes it:

Megane Zine is a regular publication aimed at introducing artwork of young, up-coming Japanese artists to the United States. “Megane” means “Glasses” in Japanese. Megane Zine focuses it lens on the inspired achievements of these fantastic artists.

A Megane Zine tee designed by Ed Templeton will be released through Beams T in January, and a show featuring works from the issue will take place at LA’s HVW8 Art + Design Gallery, starting January 9.

Three French Hens

Yuki Nakano has certainly been keeping busy since moving to Australia, and her latest project is a piece entitled “3 – Three French Hens,” part of the “Artist’s Dozen, a contemporary remix of a traditional Christmas carol” installation in Brisbane. It will be on display until December 24.

Update: More photos of Yuki’s installation.