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  • SG-1000

    What you see pictured is the very first video game console from Sega, the SG-1000. What about the Master System? Nope, that came after, and the SG-1000 was in fact released on the same day as the Nintendo Famicom. Read the full story over at Kotaku.

  • NES Classic Edition

    I’m not one to wait in line for things, but this morning I did it for the first time in Canada, in order to get an NES Classic Edition. I’ve covered plenty of console launches in Japan for game sites, but never actually waited overnight in line for one — the only time I did…

  • Famicom Titler

    Just look at this gorgeous machine. Released in 1989 by Sharp, only in Japan, its purpose was to allow better video capture of Famicom (NES) games. Read more about its history in and use in this Kotaku post. I mostly lust for those controllers with the big “1” and “2” graphics on them.

  • Let’s Play TV Games

    This past Friday I got the new Apple TV, and the day after the Nimbus controller that wirelessly syncs with it (over Bluetooth). I’m having a blast. I’ll start by saying that I’m a longtime and very strong user of Apple TV. It’s now turned into a pretty successful product for Apple, but I was…