PauseTalk Vol. 50

Let me start by thanking everyone who came to last week’s 50th edition of PauseTalk. For the most part it was run as usual — except for me taking more time at the start to talk about how it all started, and how it developed — but it had a great vibe, a great turnout, and I think those who attended had a great time. As I mentioned, I prepared a commemorative badge for the event, which was limited to 15 and handed out to the first people who arrived, as well as a little booklet, which you can download as a PDF.

Also, big thanks to photographer Michael Holmes for another nice gallery of photos he shared on Facebook (of which the one of me at the top of this post). And speaking of Facebook, please note that the original Facebook group is disapearing (because of a new Facebook policy), and so instead I invite you to join (or “like”) the new PauseTalk page to keep receiving the monthly event reminders.

Below, the list of participants who filled out the attendance sheet. PauseTalk Vol. 51 is set for June 6.

PauseTalk Next Week

It’s been a long time coming, but yes, following a 2-month hiatus, PauseTalk Vol. 47 is happening this Monday (February 7) at Cafe Pause, with the regular start time of 20:00. The reason for the hiatus was because attendance was getting low at the end of last year, and so I figured it was time for a break. Here’s looking forward to a new edition, and to some good talk! For those interested, here’s the Facebook event page.

Edit 2010

Jeremy attended — and participated in — last week’s “Edit 2010” magazine publishing event in Warsaw, and includes a nice round-up of what was covered, especially on the Adobe digital tools front.

Pictured, an earlier issue of Gym Class Magazine that was on display as part of a magazine exhibition. Make sure to pick up the latest issue!

Last PKN in Tokyo for 2010

Tomorrow night (Wednesday, November 24) isn’t any old PechaKucha Night, nope, it’s actually the last one of 2010, since December is always a skip month. So come on down to SuperDeluxe for what is looking like a great night of presentations, including my pal Ian who is promising to give away free stuff, and Audrey who will be talking about TOO MUCH magazine. If you want to say hi, just drop by the front either before or during the beer break, as I sit at the front next to Mark and Astrid.

TOO MUCH Launch Party

Last night marked the official launch of TOO MUCH magazine at HAPPA gallery in Nakameguro, and man was it ever fun. Such a terrific gathering of people, and everyone seemed really happy to see Editions OK FRED finally be in the magazine business again.

Although it still doesn’t appear to be for sale online, it should be soon enough, and I’m sure you’ll be spotting it in Tokyo’s better bookstores. At the event they were also selling a separate pamphlet that features Japanese translations of all the articles (remember, unlike the bilingual OK FRED magazine, TOO MUCH is English-only).

Above, the two creators of the magazine, Ay2 and Yoshi (and of course, my fellow Radio OK FRED co-hosts), and just behind the glass you see Cameron as well, who edited the issue.

PauseTalk Vol. 46

When it was 20:15 last night and we were still only 8 people at Cafe Pause for PauseTalk Vol. 46, I thought we were in for a disaster of a night, but as we kicked things off and the night wore on, I do believe it ended up being my favorite edition so far. The best way I could describe it is probably by comparing it to The Breakfast Club, where a group of people who didn’t really know each other ended up sharing a truly fun night, chatting up for a couple of hours about anything and everything.

But as much as I had a great time, I do think that most people come to PauseTalk in order to meet up with a large group of “creatives,” and so I think it’s time for a bit of a hiatus. I usually skip January (due to the holidays), but I’ll be skipping December as well, and so the next PauseTalk (Vol. 47) should happen February 7.

Below, for the first time in a long time is the COMPLETE list of attendees from last night’s edition — and thanks again to each of you for making it such a memorable and fun evening.