Vicious Evil Network of MayhemSitting at his desk, he fumes. Organizations aren’t built in a day, especially criminal ones. Despite what you may think, he doesn’t see himself as a criminal mastermind, or as popular culture would have it, supervillain. He’s just a man who was able to build something through a lot of hard […]


Take Me by the WristThe Turan SC4700 wrist drive was designed for portability, expandability, and speed. Hardly larger or heavier than an old plastic Swatch, its micro electronic innards power the equivalent of your average laptop. But data’s the thing. Able to hold 1000 terabytes — or 1 petabyte if you will, which explains its […]


Between a Rock and a Hard PlaceBreathe in, breathe out. Don’t let the panic set in. You’ve done this before, you can do it again. The last time you jacked in you got a lay of the land. This isn’t mission impossible. It’s just mission hard as fuck. Alarms are ringing, but you haven’t been […]