Favorite Media of 2010

For some reason I’ve always avoided doing year-end lists of favorite things — I don’t really know why — but I just felt like doing one this year, and so here goes. Now, of course, this is all based on what I’ve actually seen/played/used/listened to, and so consider this a personal compilation of the favorite […]

TOO MUCH Magazine

I hope you saw the article recently on SNOW Magazine about the upcoming launch of TOO MUCH magazine, and if you didn’t, get to it. It’s the new magazine by Editions OK FRED — yes, OK FRED magazine is no more, but they have still been publishing one-off projects, and with TOO MUCH they return […]

Wallpaper’s The Director’s Cut Is Out

When the latest issue of Wallpaper came out, I posted about the plans to also release an accompanying iPad app featuring works by the issue’s two guest editors, David Lynch and Robert Wilson. Well, it’s now out as a free download, and you should go and take a look. It’s quite simple as an app, […]

The Borrower Arrietty

Studio Ghibli has announced that it will be releasing a new film next summer, to be directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, an animator for the company (this will be his directorial debut). The film’s title is The Borrower Arrietty, and is based on the British story The Borrowers, “an enchanting story about miniature people living under […]

The Dream Machine

Satoshi Kon’s next film is called The Dream Machine, and unlike his previous complex and adult work (Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, Paprika, Paranoia Agent), is being described as a family-friendly film. Here’s what Kon has to say about the film (taken from this interview): On the surface, it’s going to be a fantasy-adventure targeted at […]