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I really like a lot of the work by design unit NNNNY, including the image you see here, produced for Parco. There’s lots to see in this Pinterest page as well.

Art Design

Muji Campsite Guide Book


I really love the cover to this Muji Campsite guide book (2015) that you see pictured, designed by Norito Shinmura. What a fantastic idea to use wood grain as a motif for water (and so the kayakers). Found via Gurafiku.

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Early Muji Ads


Fast Company has a post up sharing a selection of 11 ads that Ikko Tanaka produced for Muji during its early years. I absolutely love this stuff, not just because it’s Muji-related — still my favorite brand from Japan — but also because I’ve always had a love for the work of Tanaka (one of the best shows I’ve seen at the Ginza Graphic Gallery was a retrospective of his work).

Art Magazines

Don’t Stare at Naked People


“Don’t Stare at Naked People” is a new illustrated piece created for Singapore-based magazine Kult by Mr. Papriko, a Swiss illustrator and graphic designer who runs a studio in Tokyo and Switzerland. Found via Canvas.

Design Magazines Typography

Idea 375


Idea is a fantastic magazine about typography and graphic design, and it’s one of the rare Japanese publications that is entirely bilingual (English/Japanese). The latest issue covers the work of graphic designer Koichi Sato. Lucky for you, my buddy Ian‘s Wordshape webstore sells copies. It may sound pricey ($50, including shipping), but each issue of Idea is massive, and features beautiful paper stock. Think of it like getting a beautiful new book.

Anime Art Design

Neo Tokyo 2020


When it was announced that the Olympics were going to be held in Tokyo in 2020, it didn’t take long for references to Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira to pop up, considering that’s exactly what was predicted to happen in the series (published in the 80s). Here’s a beautiful graphic treatment by Javier González Delgado, inspired by Akira. I’d wear that as a tee.

Design Events Typography

That’s Entertainment!

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 21.10.28

Ian Lynam is a Tokyo-based dude I love so much, and embarrassingly it’s just now that I’m catching up on the fantastic essay/exhibition he produced earlier this year called “That’s Entertainment!” Get some background through this TypeThursday interview, and then get online and read through the project’s main essay — and that’s also where you can download plenty of digital material to take in the rest of the project, like all of the posters that were part of the exhibition.



OPEN Japan Relief

I mentioned in my charity post that OPEN Skateboards were donating proceeds of all deck sales to disaster relief, and now Ian has gone and designed a new deck (above) specifically to help raise funds — you can pre-order it now (sorry, they couldn’t get an official release date on it yet).

The image on the left is the bottom, and the one on the right (the top) will be red paint on black stained wood.


SNOW Magazine

I finally announced it in my big year-end post, and now’s the time to start revealing more details about my soon-to-launch web magazine, SNOW. I don’t want to give an official launch date — it sort of depends on when everything is ready to do go — but I can tell you that it will indeed be “soon.” In the meantime, I’ll be writing a few posts here over the coming week to explain what exactly this project is all about, why I did it, what I hope to achieve with, and what you can expect from it.

I’d like to start by revealing the lovely logo for it, designed by my good friend Luis Mendo, an Amsterdam-based art director whose work you can also see featured at the entrance of Cafe Pause right now.

Funny story about this design. What you see now is very close to the initial sketch that Luis first sent me — he produced a few more options, but I kept going back to this one, and one thing that was so strange was how the “O” matched exactly the very first hanko I had when I first came to Japan (I since had to change it because it wasn’t legal, and had to replace it with one that has “SNOW” written in English). Just a coincidence, I know, but one that touched me.


Wedding Invitation

To commemorate the wedding of Osamu Akatsu with Manami Kondo in Kyoto last month, Akatsu himself designed the beautiful invitation pictured here. Beast Pieces goes through the intricacies of the invitation, detailing the type of paper used, as well as describing how the one-color metallic design was achieved.