Haikasoru Humble Book Bundle

Storybundle did a Haikasoru book bundle a while back that I bought (Haikasoru is Viz’s imprint for Japanese sci-fi novels), and this time it’s Humble Bundle with a differnt selection. I have a horrible track record when it comes to reading books (I spend too much time reading comics and magazines), but I’m still going to pick this up, and add it to my book pile of shame.

Evoland 2

I got this game as part of the current Humble Eye Candy Bundle (ends in 3 days), and boy am I digging it. The idea is that it’s an RPG that plays around with RPG eras, and so you’ll be playing with it looking like an NES-era Zelda game, but then you’ll also experience a Gameboy-like look, and at the point where I’m at right now it’s become beautifully 3D. There are also some fun parodies, like a mini game that feels like something straight out of a Layton game. I’m a few hours in, and still really enjoying this.

Affordable Space Adventures

You still have 1 day to get in on the “Friends of Nintendo” Humble Bundle, and if you haven’t already taken advantage of this ridiculously good deal, I encourage you to do so. I’ve been getting some play time on most of the stuff I got, and one of the games I’ve been enjoying the most is Affordable Space Adventures. Here’s a game that really shows off an interesting Wii U experience, where the Wii U controller screen plays into an important mechanic of the game (controlling the various internal engines/electronics on your ship). At the base, it’s a 2D exploration game where you fly a ship through the inner caves of a planet, which is already really fun, but add in some really great graphics and aesthetics, and like I said, a really neat use of the Wii U controller, and you have an absolute must-play Wii U game.