The Disaster Artist

I’ve never watched The Room, but I think I’ve seen enough clips to have a good idea of what the film is about and feels like. I absolutely loved The Disaster Artist. The whole thing is just so ridiculous, and knowing it’s all true (or pretty much true) just makes it that much more fun. And what a great performance by Franco in terms of portraying a “character” like Tommy Wiseau. My favorite scene? The one that comes after the end credits. Pure gold. And I actually kinda wanna watch The Room now.


I was hoping to like this, I was ready to like this, despite hearing bad things about it upon release. I didn’t like this. This movie just doesn’t work, even though elements of it are neat. I mean, I think the world presented is interesting, but the production values are actually surprisingly low — I think Altered Carbon looks much better, and that’s a TV series, not a movie. Paul Rudd — an actor I generally love in everything — plays a character here who just makes no sense. I don’t understand what the purpose of this movie is. I was a big fan of Duncan Jones’s first two films (Moon, Source Code), and although I never watched all of his Warcraft movie (it just didn’t interest me), I was pretty excited for this, which makes me just that much more disappointed with what I ended up watching.

Before I Wake

I ended up watching this last night because my wife wanted to watch it — I knew nothing about it. It’s actually quite a decent thriller/horror film, with a pretty interesting story (an orphaned boy’s dreams can come to life), and a satisfying ending. Some good creepy shots too. Well worth watching if you’re on the lookout for a horror film to watch on Netflix. Looking up the director, I see he also directed Hush, which I enjoyed as well.

Justice League

I’m going to say that I didn’t really like this, and you’re going to say, no shit, but I was actually thinking I would find something to like here. I’m that guy who actually liked Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, and so I figured this would be more of that (i.e. give me some spectacular actions sequences with stylish visuals). But I was just really bored throughout — the big action scenes weren’t particularly interesting, the story was lame, Superman’s return is just so weird (feels like an afterthought in a way), the villain they chose is so forgettable, and yeah, Supe’s CG moustache removal is incredibly distracting. There were a few little bright spots here and there (mostly made up of scenes with the Flash), but for the most part, I just didn’t care for this.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

I didn’t remember much about this one before I watched it — including the fact that it features Patricia Arquette and Lawrence Fishburne — but then as I was watching it the various Freddie moments felt incredibly familiar, almost iconic (the puppet strings, the TV set, etc.) This was definitely more fun to watch than the second one (that I watched during my 1986 marathon). The only thing is that watching it now, there’s nothing really scary about these movies, they’re more just a thrill ride through nightmarish imagery.

The Monster Squad

I don’t think I’d ever watched this back in the day, but I’ve always heard that it was pretty fun, so I was curious to check it out. You’d think I’d like this — set in the 80s, kids on bikes, etc. — but it just came off as too much of a Goonies-wannabe. I didn’t really have fun watching it, and actually found it a bit of a chore to watch till the end. Oh well.

Murder on the Orient Express

The first reaction I had when this film was announced was, what’s the point unless they somehow change the solution — and considering the solution, it’s not really something you can do. Having watched it, because I know how it ends (it’s a fantastic novel) I felt a bit bored throughout, just following the motions to get to the end. Also, even though you have this great cast, outside of Poirot, no one is really given much to do, so you just get tiny glimpses of each — they come off as cameos, really. The film itself is beautifully shot though, especially the beginning in Istanbul, and then the interesting angles to frame shots in the train (especially the overhead shots). At the end they tease a follow-up remake to Death in the Nile, and although I have no idea if that will ever get made (don’t think this film was a big success at the box office), I’d probably enjoy that more since I don’t remember the solution for that one.

The Cloverfield Paradox

So this popped up suddenly on Netflix, and everyone freaked out, and then the next day everyone one was saying it was shit. I liked the first Cloverfield movie fine, and really liked the second one, 10 Cloverfield Lane (would have liked Dan Trachtenberg to direct another one), and so I still wanted to check this one out. And you know what? I thought this was fine. Sure, not as good as the first two, but it wasn’t the pile of shit everyone seemed to be saying (and I do wish I could have gone into this with no expectations, instead of already expecting it to be bad). I didn’t really know where it was going with everything, liked the stuff it introduced in this “universe” (parallel universes, a possible origin for the monsters of this series, etc.) and it didn’t end in a clean way, which I can appreciate. And what a surprise to see Zhang Ziyi in it! I don’t know if it’s something I’d necessarily recommend to someone on its own, but as part of the series, if you like the other films, I think it’s worth taking in.

Jaws: The Revenge

I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular here, just some good cheesy fun with a mechanical shark, and the saddest thing here is that the scenes with the shark are so far and few, and you have to deal with so much boring family scenes. Oh, and now there’s some sort of telepathic link with Jaws? OK. And when we do get attack scenes they’re not that great, except for the banana boat attack (nice big lunge for one of the riders). I don’t think I even watched this back in the day — don’t even remember watching any of the Jaws sequels (this was the fourth and last film in the franchise). Can’t say I really enjoyed watching this.


Yes, I watched this (during the holiday break), and yes, it’s not very good. I watched it out of curiosity, and because even though it had bad buzz, I did think that the setting was an interesting one. Or that it could potentially have been interesting. I didn’t absolutely hate it, but it’s an ugly film to watch, and it’s a wonder that they spent so much money on something like this — and I’m also shocked that they’re doing a sequel. Oh well.