Death on the Nile

I have a gift, and that gift is that I tend to forget what happens in a film after watching it (OK, maybe it’s not a gift), which means that when I re-watch murder mysteries, I go in not knowing what the solution is, which was the case here. This is still an enjoyable film — I generally quite like films based on Agatha Christie novels (and quite enjoy her novels), and Peter Ustinov was my Poirot growing up. Great cast, great denouement, a fun time indeed.

Superman: The Movie

I was really looking forward to watching this movie, and wow, was I ever disappointed. The first mistake I did was to watch the 3+ hour version, which I didn’t remember was a thing — following its initial theatrical release, which was around 2 hours, they produced this version for its TV debut, and it seems to have become the de facto version. The main problem is that the first hour is so incredibly boring that it really took me out of it, and so when we finally get to spend time with Christopher Reeve — who still shines as both Clark Kent and Superman — I just didn’t really care anymore. The silly scenes with Luthor underground also made it that much more of a chore. Oh, and yes, the “rotate Earth to go back in time” is still beyond ridiculous, but that’s besides the point. I think a tight 90-minute version would be have been enjoyable to re-watch, but this 3-hour slog definitely wasn’t.

Alfred Hitchcock

On top of my year-based movie watching — I’m currently still in 1978 — I enjoy watching through other series of films as a Sunday night tradition. Following Bond and Indiana Jones, over the summer I decided to revisit a large chunk of Alfred Hitchcock’s work. I stuck to his color output (with the exception of Psycho of course), which starts in the late 40s. I’ve always been a big fan of his films — and his TV series, and even the Three Investigators book series that I loved as a kid — and it was really fun to do this, since I hadn’t re-watched most of them in probably a couple of decades. You’ll find below the full list of what I watched (and under this category).


I kept this for my final Hitchcock film, and I’m glad I did. I don’t know if I’ve necessarily watched it many more times than his other films, but it’s certainly his most memorable film (on top of being the most popular), and so it was the one that I went in remembering the most about. I don’t have anything to add other than it’s still a fantastic film to take in, and still just as creepy. 

Family Plot

This was Hitchcock’s final film, and I didn’t have any particularly fond memories about it. Re-watching it, I feel pretty much the same way — it’s not horrible, but it’s not particularly good either, and I really dislike Bruce Dern’s character in this, with his over-the-top manic delivery. Wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone, but I still found it interesting to watch as part of this Hitchcock revisit.

Justice League Dark

There was a time when I watched all of the DC animated films, and liked them, but eventually I grew tired of watching them and just stopped — the one exception was the recent, and terrific, Batman Ninja movie. I did find myself suddenly in the mood to watch one the other night, and picked this one out of the bunch (there are quite a few available on Netflix). As I find with all of these, the quality of the animation is always disappointing (it’s barely above TV cartoon quality), but I did enjoy the movie despite that, especially the dynamic between Constantine and Zatanna. I’ll probably watch a few more, since I’m in the mood for animated super-hero stuff of late (I’m also slowly watching the Young Justice series). 

The Package

Yet another Netflix Original film that I watched recently — mostly because my wife suggested we watch it — and like Little Evil, I was surprised at how much fun I ended up having while watching it. Sure, it’s dumb and raunchy — think American Pie — but maybe I was just really in the mood for something like that, and I ended up laughing quite a bit. Again, nothing amazing here, just a dumb, fun film to watch if you’re in the mood.

Little Evil

This was more fun that I was expecting. Sure, it’s nothing to write home about — as seems to be par for the course for most Netflix Original films — but I did have a pretty good time watching it. Part of it is because of the cast, featuring actors I like, but I think it also does a decent job of playing with the Omen tropes — and it probably didn’t hurt that I had re-watched Omen II just a week prior. Don’t go in expecting a classic, but if you’re fan of those Omen movies, you should have fun with it.

The Wailing

As I wrote after watching Train to Busan, I wanted to watch some more Korean films, and so quickly followed it up with this one, that I’d also been meaning to watch for a while. Terrific film, with incredibly moody and creepy sequences, and very well shot throughout. Highly recommended.