Everything Sucks

This has been described as Freaks & Geeks but set in the 90s, and that’s actually not a bad description. I’m 5-6 episodes in, and having a really good time watching it. The kids are great, the story is fun, and the soundtrack is, well, it’s pretty much all the stuff that I was listening to back then (or that I remember hearing a lot). I’m really happy that Netflix produced this.

Fred Armisen: Standup for Drummers

I quite enjoyed this standup special on Netflix. The gimmick is that the audience is entirely composed of drummers, and a lot of the material is drumming-related. I generally like Fred Armisen, always enjoyed him on SNL, and I really like him here. All of the jokes aren’t gold, but he just has a fun way of delivering stuff, and I like when he gets a bit surreal. I think the highlight isn’t even a funny bit, but rather when he runs through drum sets/styles from the past century.

The Cloverfield Paradox

So this popped up suddenly on Netflix, and everyone freaked out, and then the next day everyone one was saying it was shit. I liked the first Cloverfield movie fine, and really liked the second one, 10 Cloverfield Lane (would have liked Dan Trachtenberg to direct another one), and so I still wanted to check this one out. And you know what? I thought this was fine. Sure, not as good as the first two, but it wasn’t the pile of shit everyone seemed to be saying (and I do wish I could have gone into this with no expectations, instead of already expecting it to be bad). I didn’t really know where it was going with everything, liked the stuff it introduced in this “universe” (parallel universes, a possible origin for the monsters of this series, etc.) and it didn’t end in a clean way, which I can appreciate. And what a surprise to see Zhang Ziyi in it! I don’t know if it’s something I’d necessarily recommend to someone on its own, but as part of the series, if you like the other films, I think it’s worth taking in.

Altered Carbon

I’ve only watched the first episode so far, but from what I’ve seen, I think I’m going to enjoy this ride. First off, I crave cyberpunk-set stories, and so just that fact alone was enough to draw me in, but it also looks like they’ve got the look/visuals down. Hard to tell how good the story will be, and sure, it sorta feels a bit trashier than what we get in a Blade Runner movie, but there’s nothing wrong with that — I don’t need all my cyberpunk media to be contemplative like that. I just wanna have a fun series set in a cool world, and I’m hoping this will be just that.


Yes, I watched this (during the holiday break), and yes, it’s not very good. I watched it out of curiosity, and because even though it had bad buzz, I did think that the setting was an interesting one. Or that it could potentially have been interesting. I didn’t absolutely hate it, but it’s an ugly film to watch, and it’s a wonder that they spent so much money on something like this — and I’m also shocked that they’re doing a sequel. Oh well.

Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters

This is the first part of a trilogy of animated films about Godzilla produced for Netflix, and it’s fantastic. It’s produced by the studio behind Knights of Sidonia, Ajin, and Blame, and has the same CG-animated look — and although I really enjoyed Sidonia and Ajin, I was let down by the Blame movie. Unlike Blame though, this is a fascinating watch, setting up an interesting sci-fi setting that jumps thousands of years into the future. The CG-animated style works great here, and makes for a slick look throughout. Can’t wait for part 2.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman

I finally watched the first episode of this last night — with Obama as his first guest — and enjoyed it to bits. Obama truly comes off as a great, intelligent, reasonable, and funny man. The questions aren’t incisive, but Letterman is good at keeping the conversation going, and so I’m quite looking forward to the rest of the series — it’s on Netflix, and we’ll get a new episode every month.

The Toys That Made Us

This is a very enjoyable 4-part documentary series on Netflix about the toys from my youth — G.I. Joe, Star Wars, and He-Man (and although I didn’t play with Barbie dolls, I did find that episode interesting to watch). My favorite toy when I was a kid (not counting LEGO) was G.I. Joe, and so that’s the episode that I had the most fun watching, and loved that they included Larry Hama as part of the interviews — I loved his G.I. Joe comic, as well as the animated series (which he wasn’t involved in). Great fun if you’re around my age and these were the toys you played with back in the day.

Craig Ferguson: Tickle Fight

Feels like it’s been a while since I’ve watched a stand-up special, and I’m glad I watched this new one from Craig Ferguson on Netflix. I quite like his brand of comedy — even though I didn’t regularly watch his late night show, I did watch it here and there, and always enjoyed his vibe and dark (and surreal) comedy leanings. The set here is pretty solid, and is definitely going to be enjoyable to anyone who likes him — and he gets to be more dirty here than he would on his old show. Lots of big laughs, and it was fun seeing that it was shot in Montreal (just like the Judd Apatow special that also appeared on Netflix this week, which I actually got to attend).