Pocket Mortys

You like Pokémon games? You like Rick and Morty? Well have I got the game for you. I’ve personally never played a Pokémon game – have never been interested in playing one, and have no nostalgia for the series – but I do know what they’re all about, and so it’s pretty funny to see what they did with this iOS game, taking the same gameplay elements of fighting creatures and collecting them, but substituting the Pokémon for other dimensional Mortys instead. Sure, it’s not groundbreaking or anything, but it’s fun – and funny – as hell.

Rick and Morty

I’d watched a few episodes of Rick and Morty a couple of years ago, when they first aired, and loved them, but then kinda forgot to keep up with the show. As I’m playing the Pocket Mortys game right now, I figured it was a good time to catch up on the show, and in fact I’m plowing through both season 1 and 2. What a great show, so funny.