Tag: Product Design

  • Good Design Store Tokyo

    I think I would go crazy if I had access to the newly opened (back in April) Good Design Store, near Tokyo Station (in the Kitte building). I’m sure it stocks tons of products I featured in my “On Design” column over the years. Via Spoon & Tamago.

  • Duncan’s Pop-up Shop

    I missed posting this in time for Duncan‘s pop-up shop that he did this past weekend at Kanno Coffee, but I still love seeing all of his products in one image like this. Via Canvas.

  • Tobiishi

    My buddy Duncan — a UK designer based in Tokyo — always comes up with the most delightful yet simple of ideas, and his latest one follows his M.O. to a tee. Tobiishi is a “stepping stone” to let you take a step in your genkan to answer the door.

  • dshott.co.uk 4.0

    My buddy Duncan Shotton has just re-launched his website, which now does an even better job of showing off his wonderful — and fun — products. Via Canvas.

  • A Desk for Manga Artists

    Here’s another great post on Spoon & Tamago that tells the story of the creation by designer Oki Sato (Nendo) of a desk specifically designed with manga artists in mind, part of a collaboration with manga creator Yusei Matsui.

  • Soy Shape

    I really love this video that shows how my buddy Duncan Shotton is putting together his latest product, the limited edition Soy Shape dipping dishes. As you’ll see, one of the difficult aspects of the process is the packaging, which is done by hand by Duncan and his lovely wife (pictured). Found via Canvas.

  • Picks from TDW

    The latest edition of my old Japan Times “On: Design” column — now written by my ex-editor, Mio Yamada — covers a few of Mio’s picks from last week’s Tokyo Design Week. Pictured, Makoto Suzuki’s Capa Chair. Here she also offers her highlights from TDW itself.

  • MoCo Loco Top 5

    How’s this for a first post of 2010, a photo of myself! It’s actually for my “top 5” that was just posted at MoCo Loco. My selections are taken from all of the “This Week from Tokyo” posts I did in 2009, and are (in no particular order): Jo Nagasaka’s PACO, the Reading Lamp, the…

  • Kokuyo Design Awards 2009

    The winners of the Kokuyo Design Awards 2009 — a competition for stationery design — were just announced, with the grand prize going to Nao Asanuma’s “Roots” work table (above). Below, a few of the runners-ups. Via Spoon & Tamago. Kazunari Kodama’s “Flower” tack. Shohei Ono’s “Margins” notebook. Satomi Tanabe’s “Plant & Ground” pen holder.…

  • Kaoiro

    Mixing digital culture with a bit of old-school stationery love, the Kaoiro stamp from Ginghami lets you stamp out all those kaomoji “faces” found in text/email correspondence in Japan.