Star Wars

Yeah, fuck it, I don’t call it Episode IV or A New Hope, I call it Star Wars. So having just completed my 1986 movie run, I was already itching for another era to dive into, and so 1977 is next. Even though I re-watched this fairly recently (I re-watched every Star Wars movie ahead of the release of The Force Awakens), I found it difficult to start a 1977 run and not include this, since it’s inarguably one of the most (if not the most) groundbreaking and influential films of all time. I can’t even judge if it’s good or not anymore, it’s just what it is, I know every beat almost by heart, and I’m sure I’ll keep re-watching it forever. After I was done my viewing, I was in the mood to do a double bill with Rogue One, which I re-watched for the first time since seeing at the theater on release. I still feel the same way as when I first saw it, which is that it’s now my favorite Star Wars film. It’s just so damn good, and set in the era of Star Wars that I like the most, but from a new perspective, and so it feels so fresh. Really makes me that much more excited for all the other upcoming “A Star Wars Story” films.

Rogue One

I loved Rogue One so damn much, that I can honestly say it’s my new favorite Star Wars movie. I loved it on so many levels, from the story, to the new cast of characters, to just, well, so many things. It’s the only Star Wars movie to make me well up a few times, and that includes during that initial Donnie Yen fight scene with Storm Troopers, which I through was so beautiful to see. In fact, Donnie Yen’s character was my favorite, and I’d so love to see him in a spinoff movie or TV series. But yeah, such a great film, more interesting to me than Force Awakens (which I did like a lot), and it makes me thankful that we are now going to get a variety of Star Wars movies, that go beyond the Skywalker saga.

The Force Awakens

I saw it twice at the theater when it came out, and then watched it recently for the firs time since then, when it popped up on Netflix last week (in Canada). It’s interesting to me that the movie already feels so familiar, despite it still being so new and that I’ve only seen it twice – really felt like I’d watched it so many more times (like the original movies). As expected, I still dig it, and still think it’s a hell of a fun ride. Makes me even more excited to see Rogue One and then Episode VIII.

Disney Infinity 3.0

Up until now I’ve had no interest in this – the last thing I want is to be collecting any more figures, and I’ve never had a huge desire to play games based on Disney properties, and I’ve had my fill of Marvel with the LEGO games. But I’ve been bitten hard by the Star Wars bug, and so I was interested in seeing what the game was like, which I did by downloading the Apple TV version, which is a free download, and gives you a few teaser levels to whet your appetite. I liked what I played, and so now I’m wondering if I’m going to take a deeper plunge…

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

I watched the first two seasons of this a while back (when I was still in Japan), and recently decided to jump back in with season 3, and I gotta say that I’m really enjoying it, much more than I remembered. I’m sure it’s in part because of my current enthusiasm for all things Star Wars (well, most things Star Wars), but yeah, it’s well made, and easily surpasses what we saw from the prequels. It’s nice to know that I have a whole bunch more to get through, and that it’s all handily available through Netflix (and I think season 6 is in fact exclusive to Netflix).

The Force Awakens

The question is not really how much did I enjoy this movie, but rather, how many times will I go see it in theatres before I’m satisfied. The praise for this film seems pretty much universal – at least from the reactions from my friends I’m seeing on my social media timelines – but yeah, this was absolutely as good if not better as I think I could ever imagine getting. JJ absolutely gets what makes a good Star Wars movie, and I am truly bummed that he won’t be directing Episodes 8 and 9. Not only did I love the story, the visuals, the characters, but it was just a hell of a fun ride that I wanted to stay on forever. I lost track of how many times I welled up throughout, and my wife as well, who literally cried with joy when the opening scrawl started, and when the film ended. For me, there really was only one fault, and it’s that it ends, and didn’t just keep going… (And yes, it was added to my list of favorite 5 films of the year.)

Episodes 1-3

Well, what to say, I happily watched Episodes 4-6 a few weeks ago, in preparation for the release of The Force Awakens, and the plan was to then watch 1-3, but I kinda chickened out. But having gotten all caught up on Star Wars Rebels, I wanted to watch more Star Wars stuff, and so decided to bite the bullet and revisit these “things.” Last night I watched Episodes 1 and 2 back-to-back, and yes, I lived to tell the tale (and I’ll probably watch 3 tonight). The third film is actually the one I’m most looking forward to watching again, because I think it’s possibly sorta OK (overall). I don’t think it even bares mentioning or bringing up again what’s wrong with this trilogy. I do still like segments here and there (in the first film I do like the pod racing and the final 3-way battle with Darth Maul, and in the second one I like what happens once all the Jedi show up on Geonosis), but yeah, here’s hoping The Force Awakens lives up to those trailers we’ve seen so far, that makes it feel more original trilogy than prequels.

Star Wars Rebels

As I’ve written recently, I prefer to watch shows after the season is over these days, but as I continue to get hyped for The Force Awakens (and finally bought tickets for a showing the other night) I decided to go through what’s aired so far of season 2 of Star Wars Rebels. I quite liked the first season, and so far season 2 has been just as good, if not better. This is the era of Star Wars I like, and so it’s much more satisfying than the Clone Wars series, but with the same great animation style (or even better). It’s also been fun to see returning characters from that previous series (especially Ahsoka, who is super awesome with her white light sabers), as well as appearances by characters we know from the original trilogy. Good stuff.