Game of Thrones

During last week’s PSN holiday sale I picked up telltale’s Game of Thrones for a steal (as well as Tales of the Borderlands), and started playing episode 2 last night on PS4 (I played episode 1 on iPad when it first released last year). I quite enjoyed the first episode, story-wise, and what I’ve played […]

The Walking Dead: Season 2

The first episode of Season 2 has just come out – thankfully on iOS at the same as all the other platforms this time – and I just played through it in one sitting (as you should). Wow. Just as good as the first season, and it already made me feel extreme sadness (the dog […]

Let’s Get Non-Physical

Some more interesting musings by Warren Ellis in regards to digital comics, this time using the success of his free-to-read online web comic FREAKANGELS as an example. Now combine this with iPad delivery, and you have a strong case for comic creators making the move to digital-mostly, with maybe the additions of printed collections for […]