TokyoMade Market Vol. 3

TokyoMade is hosting another weeklong market event (Vol. 3), again at the Mememachine gallery in Shibuya. The TokyoMade Market is a nomadic gathering of Japan-based art and design. An extension of the online store, theTokyoMade Market is an opportunity for designers and artists to share their latest work and sale items. A pop-up event that […]

Happening in Tokyo

TokyoMade is organizing its second TokyoMade Market, set to take place September 21-27, again at Mememachine gallery in Shibuya. You can get an idea of what will be sold here. Head to Soft in Shibuya on September 25 for “I’m There Already,” featuring DJs Ogi, Yosuke, and PMKFA. Entrance is free, from 22:00 until late.