Twin Peaks (2017)

It’s been less than 24 hours since the airing of the first 2 episodes of the new Twin Peaks series (followed by parts 3 and 4 which are available on streaming services), and I’ve already watched all 4 episodes twice. What to say. Yes, I like it, but it’s definitely very far from what I was expecting […]

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is my all-time favorite TV series. I first watched it when it originally aired, and since then I revisit it on a regular basis. Because we were about to get a new season of episodes (kicking off tonight), I decided to re-watch the series yet again from last month (I think it’s maybe my […]

Atami no Sousakan

I’m not a big fan of Japanese dramas in general, but there are the occasional series that I like to follow, usually something that my wife has been really enjoying. I would include Trick and Jikou Keisatsu in that bunch, and now Atami no Sousakan. Atami is a new Twin Peaks-ish mystery produced by the […]